Modern solutions to sell tickets on-site at the event.

Sold out with secure, fast and simple web and mobile applications for box office sales at the event venue.

  • We rent thermal printers to sell on-site.
  • Sell until the last moment available.
  • Ideal for venues with fixed locations such as theaters, cinemas, bowling alleys, parks.
  • Customers collect tickets and products directly at the box office.
Modern solutions to sell tickets on-site at the event.

With Clappit technology and methodology you can sell directly on-site at the event with the box office application.
Clappit offers certified and easy-to-use mobile and web applications, ideal for locations such as cinema and theater sales points, call centers, and interactive totems.

You'll need only the application, a computer connected to the internet and a thermal printer, for printing the tickets.

Clappit can rent box office stations or only thermal printers for printing with the box office application: Boca, Custom, or Zebra, small and practical to use.
After a brief online configuration with our staff, the printer is ready to print tickets. Thanks to the optimization between hardware and software, Clappit achieves an excellent performance of printing speed of tickets per minute, to avoid queues, and provide spectators with a precise service.
Clappit can rent the printers, and the reams of tickets are included, with an anti-counterfeit hologram.

Clappit also offers a mobile solution, with an easy and fast Android app for tablets that uses portable Bluetooth printers with paper rollers.

With the web and mobile applications of box office, you can:
- Manage different allotments and block codes within the venue, to block and assign certain lines or sectors.
- Book accreditations.
- Print multiple orders easily together.
- Import and export white lists, including third parties, for access control.
- Manage Boca, Custom, and Zebra thermal printers.
- Use physical and virtual POS for credit card payments.
- For Italian events, you can consult C1 and C2 fiscal reports, the daily or monthly summary of the transactions carried out for each event.

With the latest certification, the Clappit ticketing system allows you to simultaneously issue access tickets and fiscal receipts with Epson FP series certified printers.
Moreover, with the printers certified for Evolis cards, Clappit allows you to print also on PVC supports, with and without RFID.
For print-at-home tickets, all laser and inkjet printers are included.

Canceled tickets (in Italy)
When an event has a box office station it is very important that the organizer retains any canceled fiscal tickets (for Italian sales).
If the event has a single date, the organizer may cancel the tickets by himself (if enabled), or send them to Clappit within 5 days from the date of the event, in compliance with the law.
After 5 days the tickets can no longer be canceled.
About events over several days/weeks, the procedure is always the same: cancel tickets independently if authorized or send them to Clappit within 5 days. In any case, it is essential at the end of the event to get Clappit all the canceled physical tickets, in order to be able to archive them in compliance with the law, in case of authority checks.

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