Free ticketing system for events with free admission.

Use the Clappit platform for creating and managing free events. Shipping invitations, entry control and many free features.


Clappit is the first Italian platform to create and manage online events in DIY mode.
With the registration, you can configure any type of event that does not require the payment of a ticket for entry.
In this situation, Clappit does not charge any fees and allows the user to take advantage of all the services provided by the system.

Which free events can I publish on Clappit?
With Clappit ticketing system you can publish any type of event with free admission.
Usually, these types of events consist of meetings, presentations, conferences, kick-offs, fundraising, political or business events, social events, parties, tastings, dinners, food and wine events, fashion shows, etc. In short, there are many opportunities to use the Clappit platform for free events in your area.

Why should I manage my free event on Clappit?
Managing your free event with Clappit ticketing platform allows you to take advantage of various online features designed to facilitate the management, promotions, and sharing.
Information technology and web projects, facilitate the processes and management of many aspects of daily life.
So why not say goodbye to the famous lists on sheets of paper, invitations not received and unforeseen guests, in short, the usual problems of order entry.
With Clappit's do-it-yourself system, managing an event is much simpler, more organized and more precise.
How? Here are some practical examples of the functionality provided by our system.
The organizer can first decide what type of event to propose. It can be public or private.
Or it can be a limited number or entry possible only with an explicit invitation.
It could be an event that requires entry only to couples or groups with a fixed number.

The organizer naturally has to insert a place, a day and an hour of the beginning of the event.
You can also enter a time for the gates opening.
An amazing feature of Clappit ticketing system is the possibility to create a numbered seat map of the venue, with no limit of seats.
In this way, each free ticket will be associated with a numbered seat and the organization will be relieved of an enormous job with a high risk of error.

There are really many features also provided for free events. Clappit platform allows you to send tickets in the print-at-home mode to the guests and to check them with the Android Clappit Access Control app, extremely easy to use. After creating the event, Clappit provides a link for sharing and promoting it on social media.

These are the main features of the Clappit ticketing system to facilitate the work of the event organizer and improve the user experience, register for free and find out immediately how to organize a successful event in total security.

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