Marchiol: the web app to manage fairs and exibithors.

For Marchiol Clappit has created a web app completely customized to manage pass, orders, user registrations and gamification and loyalty activities.

The Marchiol Group is a leading distributor of civil and industrial electrical equipment leader, in the North East Italy area.
Marchiol used Clappit as a technological partner to organize with precision and professionalism the fair Elettroexpo in 2016 and 2018.

For Elettroexpo in 2018, we created a great project that makes the whole team very proud: Clappit Expo Exhibitor, the web app for the exhibition world.

Clappit Expo Exhibitor is a web app designed to make fair management easier and faster and it offers innovative services to increase the value of each stand.
Visitors registrationpasses creation (both for people or parking space), dispatch of orders directly from the stand, activity of gamification and loyalty, detailed reports, access control and much more.

The customer can registers themselves on Marchiol's website, with a customized registration process, and it receives via e-mail the ticket to accessing the fair, in print-at-home format.

In terms of gamification, in order to make Elettroexpo engaging and stimulate visitors participation, we created a reward system: a simple passport with a QR code, a travel document that accompanies visitors between the stands. The passport is presented at each stand and read with the access control system

In this way, the exhibitor acquires valuable information about the visitor and at the same time, the passage at the stand is recorded.
In some stands, mandatory stages of the route, a stamp is given. The visitor can apply the stamp to the passport, and once completed, allows him to collect a special prize.
In this way, the visitor is rewarded and much more involved in the event.

The system is able to recognize when a visitor has already passed by the stand and has withdrawn the stamp, thanks to an information message that appears when reading the code of his passport.

Clappit rented some printers and Asus PCs to print labels to be applied to passports. And also numerous access control kits, consisting of Samsung smartphones and barcode readers and QR codes, to read entry tickets and passports, allowing entry into the fair quickly and easily and ensuring maximum velocity even at the stand.

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