The organizer finally returns to enjoy the benefits of his events.


Simplicity, image, growth.

With the Clappit ticketing system, the organizer returns, rightly, to be the beneficiary of the success of the event.
The reasons are many. First of all, with Clappit Full Ticketing, the organizer is able to independently support sales with his image and his brand, thanks to the private labels.
The user who can buy directly from the event's or promoter's website appreciates and perceives professionalism, safety and tends to become loyal more easily.

Any investments in communication and advertising bring new users to the organizer's website, which will be able to activate a collection of data for marketing activities and customer satisfaction.

The organizer's site or sales page obtain improvements in terms of indexing on search engines and increases the volume of incoming traffic. Consequently, triggers a virtuous circle of credibility and growth.

Most of the organizers, on the other hand, unfortunately, have for too long suffered a non-productive sales method that transfers exclusively all the advantages and benefits of the event to the supplier and thus fosters its growth.

The ticket office is a vast sector and is transversal to many types of events. Often the organizer needs a special and very customized service, especially when it comes to an innovative event.

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