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Leverage Clappit also to sell tickets for events not subject to tax legislation and SIAE on the show.


In Italy the events related to the entertainment (music, theater, sport, etc.), require a certified ticketing system by the SIAE and the Agenzia Delle Entrate, to fulfill a series of obligations that, if not satisfied, they cause sanctions and other measures.

Outside of this reality, there are a large series of events that, despite the fact that they require the tickets sale, do not have the obligation to follow the requirements of the Italian legislation for entertainment.

For example, corporate events, courses, information days, meetings, political events, fundraisers, meetings, kick-off, presentations, conferences, private parties such as graduation parties, birthday parties and much more. Find out more about b2b events in or case histories.

You can use all the Full Ticketing features, to manage the event in a safe, fast and professional way.
With Clappit platform make the most of event management activities, optimize times and costs, promote and share on social networks.
Selling tickets for participation in an event online has never been so easy!

Anyone can create an event and sell tickets with a simple free registration and without having to install any software locally, it's all online, on the web, reachable and usable from desktop PC, tablet or smartphone.

With Clappit ticketing system, you can also create a map of the event venue to sell tickets with numbered seats, and choose the option to sell the numbered seat according to the beast seat optics.

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