With Clappit, what ticket formats can I use?

The first aspect an event organizer should know is that the ticket , in most of the entertainment and entertainment events in Italy, is subject to the tax law on the show . The ticket therefore represents in all respects a tax title and in fact shows, on the front, a large amount of data relating to the event, prices, the system with which it was issued and much more.

Similarly, the ticketing system must be certified , as must the printers used. Consequently it is absolutely impossible to imagine treating a ticket as a mere invitation to print as you wish. In a nutshell it is like the cash register of a bar , it is a fiscal meter, with a whole series of very complex aspects to be approved.

The event organizer must carefully consider the choice of ticket type, because each one also has different characteristics and possibilities in terms of tax regulations on the show, for example with reference to cancellations.

The choice of the type of ticket to be used depends on various aspects including, for example: the size of the event, the tightness as readability and duration that must be able to guarantee the ticket, the need for customization, speed of control and other reasons.

The Clappit system for selling tickets online offers paper tickets with an anti-counterfeiting hologram (4 and 8 inches), ticket @ home for home printing, digital, mobile ticket or dematerialized .

Check out the details in the Full Ticketing section dedicated to ticket types

The Boca Lemur thermal printer allows the use of paper formats of different lengths, but it is necessary to calibrate the cutter , a simple and quick operation to carry out whenever it is necessary to change format.
It consists in inserting the first ticket of the stack, a few millimeters of ticket are enough for the printer to detect the ticket and make the measurement, making it automatically scroll back and forth to position it correctly.

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