Create a large user base with satisfied participants.

One of the fundamental principles of Clappit is to share user data with the event organizers.
A choice that symbolizes the will of Clappit team to give concrete support to the organizers.

With Clappit, the automated ticketing system, the organizer can choose which data can be requested to the user during the registration process, always respecting the privacy of the buyers and the data processing.

If we consider the time, cost, and effort involved in acquiring a user, it is clear that having a large user base is a primary goal of every event organizer.
Considering that in the entertainment sector the average cost of acquisition for each user is estimated at around 25/30 euros, it is easy to understand how the ownership of profiled user databases is a primary objective.

With Clappit, the event organizer, thanks to the precious shared data, can send to viewers:

  • Surveys, to know the customer satisfaction.
  • Communications to stimulate the purchase.
  • Offers, on quantity, on packages, etc., to retain customers.
  • Contest.
  • Newsletter, to keep viewers informed about events.

Clappit's staff can create newsletters with personalized templates and send massive communications via e-mail or SMS.

Contact us and find out how you can expand the user base with the data acquired.

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