Clear prices, accurate sales reports and punctual payments.


Clappit ticketing policy is very simple: no installation costs, advance payment, or minimum guaranteed.
In practice, the organizer has no economic risk and can sell tickets right away.

The cost of the service will be settled with the payment of a commission for each ticket sold.
The price list of the Clappit ticket office is related to the use of the do-it-yourself platform and distinguishes, due to management and regulatory complexity, the sale of event tickets with or without management of the SIAE law on the show.

At any time the organizer can check the sales trend on the page dedicated to the event created, where he can also find a chart and the details of the type of seats sold.

For event organizers with free admission, the ticket office or registration of participants is free.

After 5 working days from the end of the event, we proceed promptly with the report. We send a clear and complete final sales report, invoice and payment for the number of tickets sold, minus the commissions of the price list, by bank transfer.

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