You can choose between do-it-yourself mode or customized ticketing.


For the organizer, it is often difficult to identify the ticket service suitable for an event. One thing is a small representation in a provincial theater, another is the star that immediately reaches the sold out in a big stadium.

A hockey game is different from a marathon or a gastronomic festival. Does the event include a paid entrance with or without the need to manage the SIAE regulations? There are also many events with free admission but which, in fact, may need a system of registration and access control.
Do you want to sell the tickets only online or also at the event venue? How to define seat orders and rates? How do you want to deliver and check the ticket? Lots of questions and little availability of resources, information and often also of adequate commercial offers. It is a pity that obviously different organizers in terms of size and problems must use the same service.

That's why with Clappit you can choose the appropriate ticketing services compared to the event. With Clappit, the first do-it-yourself online ticketing platform you can even do everything yourself, directly from the website, with simple steps and convenient tools.
Or you can choose Full Ticketing, the personalized ticket office that allows you to create an ad hoc project for each individual event. With private sales labels, sale of packages and collateral products, print on the event venue, certified access control and much more. Discover Full Ticketing.

Clappit also presents important case histories of customers who sell tickets thanks to dedicated additions or websites entirely created ad hoc for the event.

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