With Clappit is it possible to personalize admission tickets?

Certainly. An organizer can request the printing of a completely personalized number of tickets. When does this usually occur?

  • In the presence of major events .
  • When you want to offer the so-called fan ticket .
  • When you are in the presence of a venue that offers a constant and continuous entertainment or entertainment service. For example, a bowling alley, a nightclub, or our client WeArena, the first digital park in Italy .

Depending on the type of event, Clappit currently uses paper ticket formats with an anti-counterfeiting security hologram of 4 and 8 inches and is available to provide support for the graphic design of the organizer's tickets. It is important to consider that, to optimize the costs of printing dedicated tickets for the event, a fairly high circulation is required.

A very valid alternative, now commonly used, safe and more easily customizable, is the use of the ticket in ticket @ home format.
Check out the details in the Full Ticketing section dedicated to ticket types

As a final alternative it is possible to customize some small parts on the Clappit ticket, directly from the Boca Lemur thermal printer, but it will always be necessary to keep in mind the limits of a small space and the black monochrome color.

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