Is Clappit a certified ticketing platform?

Certainly. Our company Bemils has created the ticketing system. The name of the "engine" approved with the SIAE and the Inland Revenue is called Belive, while Clappit is our commercial brand. The sale of tickets for the show and events is in fact regulated by specific rules and the organizers have the responsibility to pursue the sale of entrance tickets with an officially certified ticketing platform.

The Belive version has reached 2.2 and the list of certifications obtained by Bemils Srl is as follows:

16. Prot. 2011/165257 of 16 November 2011 relating to the equipment called "Belive 1.0";

17. Prot. 2014/94219 of 15 July 2014 relating to the equipment called "Belive 2.0";

18. Prot. 2014/106883 of 12 August 2014 relating to the equipment called "Belive 2.1";

19. Prot. 2015/90243 of 3 July 2015 relating to the equipment called "Belive 2.2".

Eligibility measures are visible to the public in a PDF document .

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