Check the numbers of tickets sold, products and services.

For an event organizer, it is essential to always be informed about the sale situation.

For the Italian market, with Clappit it is possible to obtain the C1 and C2 fiscal reports, updated at the last purchase, in pdf format.
It is also possible to check the sales trend in real time, detailed for:

  • Sale channel.
  • Type of place.
  • Product or service.

Clappit's pricing policy is very simple: with no installation costs, advance or minimum guaranteed, the organizer has no economic risk.
The cost of the service will be regulated with the payment of a commission for each ticket sold.

At the end of the event, Clappit staff sends the final report in detail and the invoice.
Italy only: in Italy the final report and the invoice will be sent after five working days from the end of the event, required by the automated ticketing systems legislation, to manage any canceled tickets. canceled, 

  • A detailed report of online and offline sales.
  • Bank transfer of revenues.
  • Clappit invoices.

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