What you need to sell your tickets?


Clappit is an online ticketing platform that does not require any installation on the organizer's computer.
It is not a local software but a powerful web application, always available online.

In the do-it-yourself mode, you can register for free on Clappit website and directly create an event. Just insert all the required data (date, place, price, pre-sale, etc.) and sell in print-at-home format.

The event can be free or with paid admission, and in Italy with or without the obligation to manage the SIAE regulation.
In Italy, almost all the shows have the obligation of the SIAE legislation, for any doubt, it is better than the organizer request directly to the competent Italian SIAE office.
Find out more about Italian fiscal regulation.

In case of an event with SIAE management, Clappit's office provides for everyone safety, to check all the information entered by the organizer.
If everything is correct, it proceeds with the event publication and then opens the sales.

To sell at the event venue, even before the start of the event, you can rent a thermal printer, certified, which can be connected to a simple PC or laptop with Windows operating system and internet access.

Clappit also offers an innovative completely mobile solution with box office application for Android and a small and practical Bluetooth printer.


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