WAM Festival of Contemporary Performing Arts awaits you from 3 to 6 September 2020 in Faenza!


Shows, meetings, and training at WAM Festival 2020.

Being immune is the hope of the time we are living in.
The idea of ​​immunity is fallacious by nature because it pushes us to believe that there is still a bulwark of certainty to cling to, in a historical moment that forcefully brings us back to the fragility of the human being.
Art in all its forms - and dance in particular, where being manifested itself in its corporeality and finiteness - reminds us that we are human and as such we must fully live our time and inhabit our space.

The only immunity we can aspire to is that of art. Because art immunizes us from the flattening of thought, from believing ourselves to be eternal because we are addicted to consumerism, while we live in happy islands hidden behind digital screens in a desperate attempt to establish a relationship with each other. Art makes us immune from the flattening of views, thought and criticism. From the elimination of differences.

Organizing a dance festival at the time of Covid means producing antibodies against homologation, manifesting symptoms of openness towards strangers, aware that the immunity we need must be sought first of all in the difference. Like a flock, each in his own way and time, yet together.
Necessarily live, necessarily together, hand-to-hand.
Nobody excluded.
Nobody immune.

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