The print-at-home ticket, how to use it correctly

The ticket for events in print-at-home format has now conquered everyone.
Event organizers and spectators agree on the practicality of this form of access, but it is good to know some important aspects.

First of all, print-at-home tickets are not considered by the fiscal legislation on the show, a digital access ticket.
Despite being sent from the ticketing platform to the spectator, almost always as a PDF e-mail attachment, it is not a digital title.

The only tickets for entertainment events considered digital titles are smartphone passbooks and all other forms of dematerialized titles, such as cards and RFID technologies.

This is what the norm refers to.
The spectator must print, with his own means, the print-at-home ticket and present it at the entrance.
Of course, the print must ensure the readability of the QR code or bar code.

The reason is that the print-at-home ticket in Italy requires the use of certified access control to validate tickets.
Then the ticketing system and access control both certified. Access control is also mandatory if the organizer activates the automated ticketing system to sell paper tickets and print-at-home tickets at the same time.

For Clappit organizers, access control, in addition to being mandatory by law, proves to be an extremely valuable tool for many reasons.

  • Monitor participants flow, gates and control locations
  • Monitor access data in real-time
  • Ensure the security of the event
  • Avoid even trivial scams, tickets printed several times
  • Validate pass
  • Validate badges
  • Validate vouchers for additional products/services purchases 
  • Get post-event charts to improve the following editions

With the print-at-home ticket, the organizer has the opportunity to take advantage of more space to communicate on the ticket, enter event information, sponsor, images.

And what are the benefits for the spectators?
Surely such practicality and immediacy in receiving the ticket, immediately after buying it. Also, there is the saving of shipping costs.
Clappit, unlike several other ticketing platforms, unless requested by the organizer, sends the tickets for printing at home for free.
Another advantage of the important print-at-home ticket is to cancel the risk of loss or deterioration that instead involves a paper ticket.

Find out how to activate print-at-home tickets with Clappit Full Ticketing.

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