Clappit Pass System, event passes management.

With Clappit Pass System you can manage, in addition to tickets sale, the management of organization and crew passes.


 Clappit Pass System is the latest big news for the Clappit ticketing platform. We have implemented this new feature to meet the needs of promoters and event organizers, who need to manage, in addition to ticket sales, the creation, assignment, and printing of passes.

In a market where the attention to detail and the differentiation of the services offered to the customer has an important weight, Clappit has created this new powerful tool to allow the organizers to solve the critical issues related to the event passes.

Passes are a delicate and important aspect in the context of a live show because they guarantee effective control and take part in the success of the event.
The organization must devote the concentration to the "live" activities to ensure maximum satisfaction of the present audience but, at the same time, to manage with serenity the "behind the scenes".

Passes have always been used to manage access to certain areas of the venue, where the event takes place. The main feature is the management of permits: certain categories of professionals or special guests must have access only to specific areas.

In this context, it is essential to be able to equip all the collaborators of a document valid for the recognition that permits it to move freely in the venue and could be controlled. 

To use the Clappit Pass System on our do-it-yourself ticketing platform you need:

  • Being already in possession of an "Organizer" user.
  • Have already created an "Event" with "Place of the event" and related "Seat Configuration".

Areas of the event location.
Once you meet the necessary requirements, you can start creating areas of the event venue. In this phase Clappit Pass System allows to define:

  • Area name (mandatory);
  • Area color (mandatory);
  • Area icon (optional).

Pass types.
Once the areas have been created, it is possible to start creating pass types.
Usually, even for large events, the types are at most twenty. The types created will be identified as the default ones.
For simplicity, they may have a name similar to the areas of the event location. Here are some examples:

  • All area.
  • Backstage.
  • Crew.
  • Locker rooms.
  • Pressroom.
  • TV area.
  • Mixer.
  • Mixed area.
  • Catering.
  • Lounge.
  • VIP Area.
  • Transport/Parking.

Pass layout and graphics customization.
With Clappit Pass System you can customize the pass format according to your needs.
You can use a simple A4 sheet (that can also be folded in two), it can be laminated and perforated and insert the badge holder.
Some parts of the pass have a fixed size in the lower part, but colors can be customized. The largest part of the pass is usually dedicated to the image of the event and to the text required.

Registering names for passes
With Clappit Pass System you can register people quickly and easily before or during the event.
Pass System allows you to define:

  • Name (required);
  • Surname (mandatory);
  • Company (mandatory).

Identifying photo
During the registration process, you can upload a photo of the pass owner. With Clappit Pass System you can also capture a photo from a webcam and then proceed to print the pass directly at the event location, without the need to install or download additional software or plug-ins.

Access control
On the pass, you can print a barcode or QR code to check the movements with the integrated access control.

Customization of permissions
With Clappit Pass System it is possible to overwrite the pass categories created by default and assign or remove to a participant the right to access certain areas.
In this way, it is possible to exploit all the elasticity of the system to handle particular cases without having to redefine the default areas.

With Clappit Pass System, you can print the pass directly to the printer or save it in PDF format.

With Clappit Full Ticketing it is possible to create real professional passes.
We can create specially made graphics, laminate the passes and order the badge holders or lanyards with the logos of the event or organization.

Can multiple passes be used in an event?
No. An event corresponds to the use of a pass. The only rare case in which it could be possible is that of an event that manifests itself simultaneously on different venues.

Are the passes subject to the legislation on the show?
In events subject to the SIAE regulations on the show, it is necessary to present within a maximum of 5 days after the end of the event, the list of passes used together with the italian C1 and/or C2 models.

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