Types of ticket and delivery methods for every need.

  • A different delivery method to satisfy every type of spectator.
  • With print-at-home and dematerialized tickets, you avoid the deterioration or loss.
  • With pick up at the box office, print-at-home and digital tickets you sell until the last available moment.
  • With the shipment of the ticket, Clappit's staff takes care of the entire shipping process.
Types of ticket and delivery methods for every need.

Clappit allows you to choose the preferred tickets delivery method, also valid for services and products bought online along with the ticket.
You can choose which tickets to sell depending on the event and the type of venue hosting the event.
It is possible to activate one or more delivery option: paper tickets, print-at-home, digital or dematerialized.

Paper tickets with shipping 
The paper ticket is the traditional ticket printed with a thermal printer.
The customers can buy this kind of tickets online or onsite (if there is a box office). 
Clappit's staff takes care of the entire shipment process, which can be carried out in Italy and abroad, even outside the European Union.
For Italy shipment, the estimated delivery time is three working days, while abroad between three and five days.

  • Equipped with an anti-counterfeiting hologram, the ticket can be enriched with the event logo, in monochromatic black.
  • Clappit's Full Ticketing allows the printing of tickets with special graphics for important events and special occasions, such as anniversaries.
  • The customer receives the ticket at home, with a national or international courier.

Paper tickets with pick up at the box office
The customers buy online the tickets and pick it up at the box office. 
They will show the order confirmation at the ticket office and will be able to collect their tickets. 
Usually, the pick-up at the event starts at least two hours before the start of the show and is also available for a period of time following the start of the show itself.

  • The collection process is simplified for the organizer, you will receive the envelopes with the tickets divided by orders numbers or name.
  • The ticket can be picked up by another person, with a proxy.

Print-at-home tickets
Print-at-home tickets are the tickets bought online, that the customer receives in PDF format via e-mail.
It must be printed and presented at access control on the day of the event.

  • The print-at-home tickets can be used also as a receipt for collateral product and services purchased online.
  • This type of ticket presents spaces available to insert advertisements, sponsors or detailed information about the event/location.
  • In Italy, for events subject to SIAE regulations, certified access control is required for this type of ticket, such as that provided by Clappit.
  • The customer skips the queues at the ticket office, presenting himself directly to the access control.

Digital ticket
Digital tickets are one of the most modern types of tickets.
For events subject to Italian SIAE regulations, certified access control is mandatory.
The dematerialized ticket can be used on different supports.

  • A mobile app (like Pass Wallet or Wallet).
  • A credit card, loyalty card with a barcode to match the digital title.
  • Supports equipped with RFID technology, Radio Frequency Identification, such as cards or bracelets.

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