Who we are

Bemils is a company from Milan, specialized in the design of customized online applications: ticketing, finance, e-commerce, meteorology.

We are Bemils Srl, a company from Milan, a team of consolidated and young professionals. Over the years we have created a proprietary platform for online business management and we have become vertical in some sectors.

The scalability, elasticity, and reliability of the Bepro framework have allowed us to operate in complex and highly specialized sectors. Thanks to the total governability of the platform, we provide our customers with truly customized applications, both from a technological and user interface point of view. In particular, we deal with:

  • Automated ticketing for events, a sector regulated in Italy by the fiscal law, which requires different certification procedures in order to have a system suitable for both online and offline sales.
  • Fintech, where safety, speed of execution and precision are fundamental for the success of any operation.
  • E-commerce of products and services, with the implementation of numerous online marketing features to maximize lead and sales conversions.

All this experience translates into an attentive service of the highest quality for each of our customers and partners, who can benefit from a constantly evolving know-how. Our approach to projects is in fact aimed at maximum collaboration, the constant search for new ideas and goals for mutual growth.

Technology is our core business and we are aware that making online applications also involves a great deal of usability and a touch of wise creativity and design. For this reason, we are not satisfied if our work just works, the user experience and usability now have a fundamental role.

Each product must be simple, understandable, pleasant and easily usable to allow users to reach the goal with minimum effort and time. 

In a historical period where finally the content and "doing" return to have a primary role, Bemils is perfectly at ease.

Do you have an idea for an online project? Contact us to organize a meeting and evaluate the project, we will be happy to give you all our support