Send orders from the stand at the fair with our web app.

Send orders online, directly from the exhibitor stand at the fair and immediately create new contacts.

  • Create and send orders from the stand.
  • Import of products list.
  • Offers and discounts management.

Clappit Full Ticketing gives back to the exhibitor, in a modern key, the possibility to emerge from the vast exhibition proposal.
With Clappit Expo Exhibitor the exhibitor is able to manage one or more different stands during the same fair, even on different days.

Thanks to the possibility to import lists of products on the web app, the exhibitor is able to create and send orders directly from the stand, and thanks to the wide possibilities of customization, you can enter into one or more lists different types of products.

The experience at the fair, for the standest and the exhibitor, takes on concrete and practical aspect.
The exhibitor immediately acquires new contacts and active customers, the visitor meets new sellers to get immediate information on news of its specific interest, as well as benefit from discounts and dedicated promotions.


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