With Clappit, can I sell both online and at the box office?

The Clappit ticket office allows you to make the most of every channel to maximize your event sales. In addition to enhancing the power and convenience of online ticket sales, with Clappit you can also activate box office sales at the venue. This way you can sell your show tickets until the last minute.
The possibility of opening a box office at the place of the event also allows you to activate another way of delivering the ticket to the spectator, or the reservation paid on the web with the collection at the place of the event. The spectator buys on the site and collects the paper ticket at the cash desk on the day of the show.
The Clappit ticket office is equipped with a box office application for web or mobile Android and offers solutions for events of all sizes. From the fixed cash desk with personal computer and thermal printers for classic paper tickets, the mobile app for Android tablets with bluetooth portable thermal printer with print on paper roll, receipt type and customizable with your brand.

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