Italian SIAE certified ticketing system

Sell tickets for events subject to regulations on the SIAE show with a secure and accurate system, both online and at the box office.

With the provision of October 22nd, 2002 (published in the Official Gazette on November 4th, 2002, number 258), fiscal legislation was introduced in Italy the entertainment sector, which presupposes the certification of the automated ticketing system for the counting of fees. The certified system transmits the daily and monthly data (C1) to the Italian Revenue Agency through the SIAE.

The automated ticketing system must be equipped with papers that allow the software a secure authentication and calculate the algorithm for issuing the ticket's fiscal seal.
The activation card, owned by the Italian Revenue Agency, is associated with the fiscal code and VAT number of the company that owns the system.

the Agenzia Delle Entrate, through a procedure and the issuing of authorization measures, recognizes the suitability of the system for the tickets sale.

Clappit's ticketing system allows you to manage and sell tickets for large, medium or small entertainment events. 

Concerts, festivals, theatrical performances, cinema, meetings, presentations, conferences, conventions, fairs, kick-offs, fundraising, meetings, political events, social events, dance shows, marathons, sports activities, guided tours, art exhibitions, parties, tastings events, dinners, food and wine events, fashion shows, courses, seminars and more.

Clappit's automated ticketing system is based on our proprietary Belive 3.0 platform, certified by Italian Revenue Agency with protocol number 2016/53926 of 13 April 2016.

With Clappit you can sell your fiscal events online and offline because all the processes required by current legislation are automated, timely and accurate.
Fiscality is a complex issue, requiring specific and qualified skills. In Italy, in fact, there are not many companies with a true certified ticketing system.

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