Do It Yourself online ticketing platform to handle every kind of event.

Clappit do-it-yourself ticketing allows the creation of events and online ticket sales, with or without SIAE management or with free admission.


Despite the fact that DIY ticketing in Italy is still little known, compared to other countries, it now represents the future of a large slice of the ticketing sector and above all a fantastic opportunity for new show organizers.

The complexity of the Italian legislation is probably the first major obstacle for those who want to start selling tickets online in Italy. Then other factors follow, such as the low propensity to use IT resources or the difficulty of finding managerial figures with practical experience in the field.

Careful to use platforms apparently similar to Clappit, they are often not in compliance with Italian SIAE regulations, so they're not qualified to sell tickets in Italy.
Appearances similar to Clappit very often do not even have a physical location in Italy and Italian-speaking customer support.

These platforms may seem simpler and the reason is easily imaginable: they are not equipped with certification and have therefore avoided developing a whole series of complicated dynamics and technicalities. Even the process of creating and selling events usually has few options, for example, there is never the possibility of offering a simple subscription or getting the choice of seat on the map.

The new company organizers of events that approach the world of online ticketing for the sale of their shows need, right from the beginning, competence, and professionalism, as well as the ability and willingness to stay up to date on new amendments concerning tax legislation.

Clappit solves most of the criticalities of automated ticketing and facilitates the organizer in the sales process, access control and many other classic aspects of this business.

Clappit is the first online ticketing system in Italy that allows the creation of events and the sale of tickets online with a do-it-yourself mode certified by the Revenue Agency. 
It is a completely Italian project, designed to simplify and speed up the entry and activity of small, medium and large event organizers, in particular, to manage events and shows subject to Italian SIAE regulations and to take advantage of the online sales.

Clappit is a large ticketing portal and allows you to manage, in addition to the fiscal events (Italian legislation), also events without the SIAE management but with a paid entrance. Furthermore, Clappit allows you to create and manage all events with free admission for free!
That's right, Clappit offers many amazing opportunities to better manage your party, your meeting or any other event with free admission.
Personalized invitations, electronic tickets with access control by app and much more.

With the Clappit ticketing services, it is also possible to manage any type of event in a safe, convenient, fast and professional manner from any desktop PC, tablet or mobile device.

Creating an event is quick and easy. The main features of Clappit are the following.

  • Ticket price with or without the presale
  • Automatic fiscal C1/C2 models
  • Subscriptions to fixed shift and turn free
  • The numbering of seats with map choice
  • Manage gates, sectors, price and buyer sectors
  • Ticket with home printing print-at-home
  • Certified access control with a web application or Android app
  • Detailed and exportable sales reports

Log in with your Facebook or Google profile or sign up for Clappit today, it's free and there is no activation fee for use.
Operation is simple: in the event of ticket sales, Clappit retains a simple commission and the organizer receives the invoice and the transfer for the amount of tickets sold.

Clappit provides additional features and professional services, available upon request, to manage local ticketing and the needs of major events. Discover them in the section on ticketing services.

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