Simplify pass management and open up new scenarios for organizers.

With Clappit Expo Exhibitor, the exhibitor get a quicker and more direct management of the issue of passes for exhibitors, visitors and cars.

  • Fast and independent pass emission.
  • Pass quantity management.
  • Creation of pass types: entry, car, security, etc.
  • Graphic customization.
Simplify pass management and open up new scenarios for organizers.

Clappit Expo Exhibitor makes managing pass for trade fairs easier and faster and offers innovative services to increase the value of the stand.

You can define the number of passes to be assigned to each type of user, and communicate the access data directly to it.
The user, for example, the exhibitor, once entered the web app with a few simple steps creates the passes and sends them to the users.
In this way, it can comfortably create entry passes and other types (such as car passes) for its employees, suppliers, etc.

Clappit allows you to configure different types of passes:

  • Personal.
  • For security staff.
  • For journalists.
  • For additional services such as parking, catering, drinks, etc.
  • Any other type needed.

On the pass, there is a barcode or a QR code for a convenient and fast scan, with a smartphone equipped with a camera.

Clappit is able to make the pass in different formats: from the classic printing on paper with lamination in A6 format to more innovative solutions on a card or RFID bracelet.
Or digital passes, in passbook format.
With Clappit it is also possible to create passes with photographs of the user who will receive it.

The user receives the credentials to access the web app and can independently manage the passes.
He will be able to assign and subsequently send the passes, or revoke them, directly from mobile in a few simple steps.

The web app always shows the updated availability of the passes still available: in this way the organizer gets more rapid and direct management of the issue of the passes.


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