Find out more about our access control.

Clappit ticketing system is equipped with a certified access control, in web application or Android app.

Clappit ticketing system allows you to check the validity of the ticket for your event, but not only.
With a single tool, you can also validate lists of products and services purchased online and passes.

Access control, in Italy, is mandatory for events subject to fiscal legislation and enabled to sell tickets in print-at-home format.  
Although access control is only required for tickets sold online for events requiring SIAE management, we strongly recommend that you always use online access control to monitor entrances to your event.

With Clappit Full Ticketing, you can check users tickets in three ways.

  • Web access control: WAC (Web Access Control) requires only a laptop or tablet with an internet connection and a common barcodes reader.
  • Clappit Access Control: the official app for Android devices, downloadable from the Google Play Store. With Clappit's app, every operator is able to validate between 600 and 800 codes per hour on average.
  • Integrated access control with turnstiles.

Access control, both in web application and Android app is a free and inclusive service for Clappit users and can also be used for free events.

The advantages of print-at-home tickets 
The print-at-home service much appreciated by the public, who can buy tickets online, even close to an event, without incurring the cost of shipping paper tickets.
Clappit offers ticket delivery by e-mail at no additional cost to the customer.

Unfortunately, many organizers are not able to activate this mode of ticket delivery because they do not have the necessary tools to make access control. Access control is an essential requirement in Italy, for managing print-at-home tickets.

We list the most common reasons that impede access control from being managed.

  • Lack of internet connection at the venue, (for example in a park).
  • Too many entrance gates and/or too many workers, so it is too expensive to provide everyone with a computer.
  • Lack of space or architectural barriers to installing the stations (for example in a theater or cinema).
  • High costs to install third-party access control.
  • The access control already present at the venue is not certified with the ticketing system.

With Clappit all these problems belong to the past, thanks to the innovative WAC access control or free app, which allows secure connection to servers and control of tickets sold, even by third parties.
Easy and ready to be used.