Find out more about the access control integrated with the Green Pass!


These days there is a big discussion about the use of the Green Pass for events.

For this reason, Clappit has integrated into Access Control the control of the QR Code on the Green Pass.

The ticket for the event can be purchased and shown at the Access Control together with the Green Pass, or it can be purchased as a digital ticket and uploaded directly to the QR Code of the Green Pass itself, allowing with a single scan to verify the Green Pass and the ticket of the event.

The Green Pass may be mandatory or non-mandatory to access the event.
In the case of a mandatory Green Pass, the QR Code on the pass will be read at the access control first, then the code on the ticket. If the spectator is not in possession of a Green Pass or in the case of an expired pass or with a name (where different from the ticket provided), he will not be able to access the event.

Not just tickets for events: the access control integrated with the Green Pass can also be used for accreditations and passes, in particular for the management of corporate events, b2b events, conferences, fairs, and for staff management.

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