The dematerialized ticket for iOS, Android, RFID cards and supports.

The Clappit ticket office presents a new way of delivering the ticket to send the tickets to the events.

The digital title for entry to events

A piece of great news for the organizers and users of Clappit: with the certification of the 3.0 version of our ticketing system "Belive" it is officially possible to receive the entry ticket in dematerialized mode. 
The new feature, already widespread in the tourism sector, allows you to take advantage of the native iOS app " Wallet " and " PassWallet " for Android, to save your e-ticket in total comfort and store it on your smartphone to overcome the subsequent access control on the day event.
For the events that will offer the service of delivery of the title in digital format, it will no longer be necessary, therefore, to print the ticket "ticket @ home" or to be in possession of the paper ticket.
The digital ticket is also available for fixed and free-shift passes.
To validate entry, the organizers will be able to use the free Clappit Access Control app, available for Android which, with the new certification, is ready for reading barcodes or QR codes, via the camera, directly on the customer's smartphone.

How the e-ticket works

The e-ticket is very simple and practical. 
The customer, after choosing the delivery method "Digital Passbook / PassWallet Ticket" will receive the entrance tickets purchased at the e-mail address indicated during registration. Once the e-mail has been opened, it will be possible in a tap to directly save the tickets in the Wallet application, native iOS, or in the PassWallet app, in case of use of smartphones with Android operating system.
On the day of the event, the customer will be able to present himself directly at the entrance gates to carry out a rapid access control directly on his smartphone.
Once the title is validated, of course, it will not be possible to access the show with the same digital ticket. Access control staff will require to present, together with the ticket, a valid ID document.
The digital title will always be available in the e-mail received and must be saved in the application before access control. In case of purchase of more tickets, the buyer is allowed to turn them over to the respective spectators, who will be able to save them on their phone.
Unlike the iOS Wallet application, the PassWallet app for Android smartphones does not provide updates relating to the event purchased, so it is advisable to consult the site or the page of the organizer, to always be informed of any changes in time.

Cards for digital title support
The digital ticket can also be used with supports other than the smartphone. 
A credit card, health card or any other card, such as a supermarket loyalty card. The fundamental requirement is to have available an identification number or barcode to which to associate the loading of digital titles.
Clappit is able to create personalized cards for the organizers, contact us to start using the digital title delivery function for your events and offer your viewers the most modern access mode.

RFID technology
The RFID technology, Radio Frequency Identification, allows you to upload the digital title on the support code, which can be checked at the entrance through the use of radio wave readers.
The classic support used for RFID technology is a bracelet equipped with a microchip detectable by the reader by means of an antenna. The two devices form a transponder for the passage of the necessary information, such as those relating to the ticket.
The RFID technology allows communication even on the move and through physical barriers like cardboard, plastic, wood, etc., it guarantees space of memory and speed, regardless of the weather conditions.

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