Corporate events: other important case histories.

Custom registration process, massive sending of e-mails and invitations, access control to manage different types of entry: Clappit is suitable for the technological customization of corporate events of any type and brand.

  • Customized registration process.
  • Access Control.
  • Box office ticketing stations.
  • Entries at different times. 

Clappit is proud to have been part in the realization of other important projects in the field of business events.

An important company in the telecommunications sector has chosen Clappit for the massive dispatch of tickets and access control of a large corporate event for employees and suppliers.
The events, with meetings, dinner and a big concert performed by a famous Italian singer took place in a famous Italian venue. 

Clappit has sent customized e-mails with the logo and texts chosen by the brand to register participants.
We imported a dedicated mailing list and sent the tickets to participants in print-at-home format.
All the tickets had a univocal QR code: a single code allows the entry of a person only.

The entry of the participants was split into two phases: a first part arrived before dinner, to attend a meeting between the company management, while the second part came later for dinner or for the beginning of the concert. The access control for the first guest slot only allowed the entry for the tickets that included the presence at the meeting.
Clappit has rented Samsung smartphones and QR code readers, with which each operator reads 600 to 800 codes per hour, ensuring a quick and orderly entrance.

For a luxury car company, for a new store opening, Clappit has carried out a process of registration and provided access control.
Clappit sent to a selected mailing list a link to a private registration page.
Guests complete a registration form, with their and their partner name and then receive by e-mail pass with a univocal QR code to access the inauguration, in print-at-home format.

Clappit also provided a box office for the registration and printing of passes directly on site.
The company also rented some access control kits; smartphone with the Clappit Access Control app installed and barcode and QR code readers.

The third case history concerns a company convention of a multinational manufacturer of components for cars and household appliances.

Clappit has created three landing pages, each dedicated to a different type of guests.
A selected mailing list of users received the link to one of the three landing pages via e-mail, with the possibility of registering himself and a limited and pre-established number of collaborators.
The participant receives an e-mail invitation to the convention, with a univocal QR code, in print-at-home format. 
Also in this case, Clappit has rented control access kits. 


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