What is the box office for ticket sales?

Clappit is a ticketing system for selling on different channels. Tickets can be sold online directly from the Clappit portal. Or we can create a private label customized with the brand, the colors and the graphic layout of your site, so the sale can start directly from the pages of your site.

Often many show organizers rightly also need to manage the sale on the place where the event takes place. This entails the need to adopt a solution that includes a specific thermal printer for ticketing and an access control. Both tools must be certified with SIAE and the Inland Revenue and Clappit can of course provide both.

The ticket sales box office is a web-based application that does not need dedicated installations but simply a common desktop PC connected to the internet. The interface and features are simple, fast and practical.

Access control can be performed with a laser emulator with keyboard emulation connected to the PC or with the Clappit Access Control Certified app for Android systems.

The box office allows you to carry out all the operations necessary to better manage the ticket office at the box office: issue of entire tickets, issue of gifts, reductions and service titles, C1 and C2 tax reports, customized reports for cash closures and for all your other needs.

The box office allows you to maximize sales up to the last minute, even on the day of the event, until the cash desks are open. Or you can buy tickets online before leaving home and go to the ticket office only to collect the tickets.

With the local ticket sales point we also supply our Clappit paper tickets with an anti-counterfeiting security hologram and can be customized with the thermal print of the event logo or promoter company.

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