Does Clappit also provide pass accessories?

The pass, also called badge, is the personal identification document that is given to each person involved in a small or large event.
Passes are essential for the security of every event: concerts, shows, corporate events, meetings, congresses, fairs and more.

With Clappit Pass System you can independently create the passes for your event and send them directly to interested people via e-mail or web app.
Customers receive them by e-mail, in print-at-home format or digital format, usable directly from the smartphone.
Your brand or your event will always be the real protagonist, thanks to the ability to customize layouts.

To provide a complete Full Ticketing service, Clappit makes available to the organizers, on request, also the following products, ideal for any type of event.

  • Pass holders, or badge holders. These are the covers in which to insert the printed pass, generally made of plastic. To protect pass and preserve identification codes. They are made of durable plastic with buttonhole, brooch or clip, to be easily transported.
  • The lanyards, in rope or ribbon, possibly customizable with the logo of the event or the organizer. Ideal for transporting passes comfortably, without the risk of losing them.
  • Tyvek bracelets: they are the single-use identifying bracelets on which a barcode can be printed that allow recognition during the control phase. They can be customized with the event logo. These bracelets are light but at the same time resistant to tearing and tearing. These identifying bracelets are waterproof and very comfortable to wear. They can replace the classic card-shaped pass.