17 October 2022

COEZ 21st December 2022 @Rome, Auditorium Conciliazione!

After the awaited publication of ROM THE ROOFTOP 2, COEZ announces two Live appointments.

21 DECEMBER - ROME - CONCILIAZIONE AUDITORIUM - Buy tickets online at Clappit!

After the expected publication of "From the rooftop 2" (Carosello Records), COEZ's semi-acoustic project out everywhere from Friday 14 October, the artist announces two live dates, produced and organized by Vivo Concerti. Two unmissable theatrical shows that will bring COEZ to the Teatro degli Arcimboldi in Milan on December 17 and to the Auditorium Conciliazione in Rome on December 21 to experience the project in semi-acoustic and celebrate together the release of the new album.
On stage the songs that have made the history of From the rooftop, a musical project started in 2016 and born the year before from the homonymous series of acoustic sessions recorded directly from a suggestive roof in Rome and then published on YouTube, will be back, and the new tracks that make up this new album, clamored by fans and arrived after six years of waiting.
"From the rooftop 2", was anticipated by the single "Out of hours", a cover of the iconic song by Guè. "I have always been very attached to the 90's sound and as far as my tastes are concerned, this is one of the best pieces of Italian rap" says COEZ. The other cover that marks the tracklist is "In the trains at night", created with its author Frah Quintale and chosen for the connection that the artist perceived from the first listening: in the project "From The Rooftop" only tracks are included with which COEZ perceived affinity and belonging and with “In the trains at night” the establishment of this bond was instantaneous.
In addition, Aries is also present as a guest within the EP, performing with COEZ in "Margherita".
To pick up where we left off, "From The Rooftop 2" also includes semi-acoustic recordings uploaded to Youtube and filmed in the setting of a suggestive roof in Rome, with familiar and domestic furnishings, an environment that lends itself best to atmosphere of these songs. The videos are directed and produced by Borotalco.tv and the recordings of the live songs are by David “dvd” Matteucci. After six years of incessant requests from the public, "From The Rooftop 2" wants to be a gift from COEZ designed to celebrate those who supported him from the beginning, those who attended the mess, those who supported him from day one, but also those who it came later and contributed to its growth with it
passion of historians.
The musical direction is by COEZ and Orang3, while the creative direction is by COEZ and Tommaso Biagetti. “From The Rooftop 2” is produced by Orang3 and the live recordings are by David “dvd” Matteucci. The videos are produced by Borotalco.tv. Mix and Master by Flavio “Mixer T” Ranieri at the Bunkerino Studio in Rome.

Here is the tracklist of "From the rooftop 2":
1. It's always nice
2. In the clouds pt.2
3. In the trains at night feat. Frah Quintale
4. Out of Hours
5. Margherita feat. Aries
6. The lights of the city
7. Be free

2022 was a year marked by the recovery of contact with its fans for COEZ, which in the spring left for its "VOLARE TOUR" (produced by Vivo Concerti) to two different venues per stage, a small club and a large club, to also touch the stages where the singer-songwriter performed at the beginning of his career and to have a more extensive tour over time, so as to allow show business workers to be able to return to work with more continuity after two years of pause. After the end of the "VOLARE TOUR", which with a national success and 15 sold out dates brought the artist around all of Italy, it was the turn of "BEING FREE IN TOUR", produced and organized by Vivo Concerti, which has touched the main Italian festivals with 13 dates, giving its audience a show that has retraced, starting from the beginning, the great hits of the past and the successes of the artist's latest album.
After the return to the dimension of large and small clubs and festivals, to always give a different shape to its versatile shows, in December 2022 two theater appointments arrive in
Rome and Milan to bring the experience of "FROM THE ROOFTOP" to life and crown the project in the best possible way with the intimate and acoustic atmosphere of these venues.
COEZ is fresh from the success of VOLARE, which arrived two and a half years after the record È SEMPRE BELLO (double platinum record), which has consecrated him among the most influential Italian artists who with his writing crossover between rap and pop has become the symbol of the new Italian songwriter. VOLARE contains highly successful songs including "Wu-Tang", "Flow Easy", "Come in songs" (certified double platinum), one of the most "shazamati" songs in the world and with over 32 million streams on Spotify , and “Occhi rossi” (certified platinum), one of the most played singles on the radio and positioned in the Top 30 of the platform. In the summer of 2022 he published "To be free", one of the most played songs on the radio.

Saturday 17 December - Milan @ Teatro degli Arcimboldi
Wednesday 21 December - Rome @ Auditorium Conciliazione

Tickets for the announced dates will be available on vivoconcerti.com from Tuesday 18 October at 2:00 pm

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