Data monitoring in real time to always be updated on guest flow.

With Clappit you can monitor the access of the participants to your business event in real time, to be always aware of the flows of guests and those still awaited.

With Clappit you can monitor the progress of your business event in real time.

Clappit offers a certified access control system to validate invitations, tickets, passes, and vouchers acquired online or at the event itself.

Thanks to the free app for Android, Clappit Access Control, a simple smartphone, and a barcode/QR code reader, each operator is able to validate on average from 600 to 800 code per hour.
You can check
detailed reports in real time directly from your smartphone: you can know how many visitors have already entered the event and how many are still awaited.
With Clappit you can validate several tickets at different times, ideal for those events that require a staggered entry for types of participants (eg employees, suppliers, management, etc.).

Clappit rents the devices you need for the access control: Samsung smartphones, barcode and QR code readers.

The report on access control is also useful at the end of the event to be able to analyze data and send targeted communications to participants, such as thanks and surveys.

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