28 August 2023

EMMA announces the Souvenir In Da Club appointments

From Friday 1st September out everywhere "INIZIAMO DALLA FINE", the new single by EMMA that anticipates the next album of unreleased "SOUVENIR", to be released in the autumn by Capitol / Universal Music.

To experience this musical chapter of her career in an exclusive way, EMMA has decided to present the new album to her audience with 15 special appointments in clubs in Italy: a face-to-face meeting, in an intimate rock and roll place, a return to musical origins in which to live and intensely share all the colors and emotions of "SOUVENIR".

Thus was born the idea of "SOUVENIR IN DA CLUB", a real experience to listen to the new album live and return home with a unique memory. There will be 15 appointments in 8 Italian cities starting November 10th.

Tickets will be available in presale from 11.00 on Wednesday 30 August.

These are the stages of “SOUVENIR IN DA CLUB ” (Friends&Partners and Magellano Concerti):
12 and 13 November – LARGO VENUE – ROME
November 22nd and 23rd – HALL – PADUA
26 and 27 November – MAGAZZINI GENERALI – MILAN
2 and 3 December – CAP10100 – TURIN
11 and 13 December – DUEL CLUB – POZZUOLI (NAPLES)
17 and 18 December – DEMODÈ – MODUGNO (BARI)
December 21st and 22nd – VIPER – FLORENCE

In the meantime, from Friday 1st September "INIZIAMO DALLA FINE" will be on the radio and on all digital platforms, a single that definitively brings us closer to Emma's new album and continuation of a journey that began in the spring with "Mezzo Mondo". "LET'S START FROM THE END", written by EMMA herself together with the pair of authors Davide Simonetta and Paolo Antonacci, was the last track on the disc to be closed and also for this reason, symbolically, it was decided to start again from here, from the ending, to try to write a new story by retracing this incredible journey that gave life to the album. EMMA, the versatile and eclectic artist, has been consecrated as one of the most loved voices in Italy. In April 2023 she released "Mezzo Mondo", a song that paved the way for her new musical return and which has already been certified gold. This summer she was the protagonist with Tony Effe with the song "Taxi sulla Luna" (certified platinum), reaching over 45 million total streams.