How Clappit Expo Exhibitor can help me?

Clappit Expo Exhibitor web app simplifies the management of exhibition spaces and exhibitors, opens up new scenarios to attract, engage, reward and measure objectives in real time.

With Clappit Expo Exhibitor, the fair returns to be that historic place for meeting and participating in different worlds, cultures, economies, and products.
Thanks to innovative online services, Clappit supports initiatives by institutions, producers, exhibitors and visitors looking for contacts, businesses, and news. Several figures with transversal objectives that are concentrated in the short and intense duration of the fair.

The new Clappit web app allows:

  • Convenient service for creating, assigning and sending access passages 
  • Monitor in real time both pass and visitor flow 
  • Manage the activities of the stand for the leading and conversions: monitoring and recording visits, saving data, sending orders
  • Realize personalized communication, gamification activity, rewarding activity, loyalty program

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In addition, Clappit Expo Exhibitor is fully integrated with all the features of Full Ticketing, to stay on the cutting edge of every aspect of the fair.