Is Clappit ticketing platform a certified system for ticket sales?

Clappit is the brand with which Bemils Srl, our company, manages ticketing services.
Clappit is based on the Belive proprietary system, approved by Agenzia Delle Entrate on November 16th, 2011, with provision 2011/165257.

Belive is suitable for issuing access titles according to the SIAE standards both for show activities (eg theater, cinema, concerts, etc.), and for entertainment activities (for example, dancing entertainment with recorded music, bowling, go-kart, etc.).

In April 2012, Bemils was authorized to use Belive to issue third-party access rights with its own fiscal cards, since then we can sell your tickets with our Clappit brand.

Both as Clappit and Belive, we also have a version of the system suitable for issuing access titles for all those companies that are not subject to the fiscal obligation to use approved automated ticketing systems.

Since August 2014, Clappit ticketing system is the first and only way to sell tickets in online do-it-yourself mode, even for shows with SIAE regulations.

The last certification obtained has evolved Belive to version 4.0 (with the approval of the Agenzia Delle Entrate with protocol number Prot. 2018/162124 of 20 July 2018.) which allows you to simultaneously issue access tickets and fiscal receipts with Epson FP series certified printers .

Furthermore, thanks to the integration with the Evolsi card printers, Clappit can also print on PVC substrates, with and without RFID.