Do I need to buy a license to activate a local ticket office?

No. With the Clappit ticketing platform it is not necessary to purchase a software license to open a ticket office because all ticketing services are provided directly from the web. In this way, each organizer can focus mainly on the marketing and promotion aspects of the event without having to worry about the technological and installation aspects of the programs.
The promoter of the event uses the ticketing system with a rental contract that, basically, is simply regulated with a percentage of the ticket sales.
This solution uses all the power and advantages of the internet to simplify, optimize and maximize the sale of event tickets.
The advantages are many, for example the support to the organizers that Clappit provides through a remote connection and can also intervene in real time directly on the client's PC.
Another significant advantage is the protection and security of data, which is safe in our specialized data center and does not reside on a local server, exposed not only to attempts at theft but also to human errors, short circuits, flooding, fires, etc.
With the Clappit ticketing solution you can sell tickets without worries , the only activity that you will have to "worry about" pushing with all your strength will be the promotional and communication one, in order to spread the spread of your event to the maximum.
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