What kind of printers do you sell for ticket sales at the box office?

The Clappit ticket office is officially certified for the Boca , Custom and Zebra thermal printer models. We are available to certify, on request, other thermal printers, including the Evolis Pebble .

Thermal printers have the characteristic of being very robust and durable . Instead of cartridges, they have a head that guarantees the printing of a large volume of tickets .

The model of printer we offer for hire to the organizer is Boca Lemur , which prints out the tax information of the ticket in black. The Clappit ticketing system also allows you to insert a trademark or other graphic elements such as icons. Of course it will be necessary to always keep in mind the reduced space available. The paper tickets that Clappit uses, always guaranteed by Boca, are 8 or 4 inches, pre-printed in color and with an anti-counterfeiting security hologram .

Another interesting feature of the Boca Lemur printer model is the equipment of the cutter . Thanks to some features of the Clappit ticketing system, it is possible to use the cutter to automatically obtain the separation of tickets , or groups of tickets, for each order.

With the latest certification, the Clappit ticketing system allows context tickets to be issued and receipts with Epson certified FP series printers.

Furthermore, with the Evolis certified card printers , Clappit also allows printing on PVC media, with and without RFID .

As for the printers to be used for the ticket format for home printing or ticket @ home, all laser and inkjet printers are included.

Check out the details in the Full Ticketing section dedicated to the Box Office

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