15 December 2022

PAOLA & CHIARA PER SEMPRE: Milan and Rome in 2023!

Waiting to see them again on the Ariston stage as artists competing for the 73rd edition of the Sanremo Festival, PAOLA & CHIARA are back to make us dance and sing live with PAOLA & CHIARA PER SEMPRE: two electrifying appointments produced by Vivo Concerti, with which the iconic duo of the 2000s is ready to conquer the most famous clubs in Italy.

It is the most awaited comeback of 2023 that of the Iezzi sisters who, after 10 years of hiatus, are ready to meet their timeless audience in the name of past successes and great future projects.

ROME April 26th @ Atlantic
MILAN May 13 @ Fabrique
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Tickets for PAOLA & CHIARA PER SEMPER will be available from 2 pm on Friday 16 December!