Where do I find the material to perform access control for my event?

The Clappit event ticketing platform offers the organizers various, and very simple solutions for the rental of access and ticket control equipment.

Clappit has created a quick and easy access control system: an Android mobile app that can check barcodes and QR codes, directly with the smartphone camera or in combination with a reader connected via Bluetooth.

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The choice of how many access control stations to activate naturally depends on the size of the event and the useful time, in order to allow the entry of all the spectators. In general, Clappit recommends renting one or more access control kit for each entry gate, plus some security escorts.

Important! Clappit access control application is regularly certified in compliance with the Italian law on the entertainment and therefore guarantees total precision.
In Italy, access control is mandatory by law when the organizer sells tickets in the print-at-home format.

The best combination offered by Clappit for access control of an event is a Samsung smartphone (with the Clappit Access Control app pre-installed already configured to validate the event's tickets) with a practical support to hook it to the arm (type running) and a modern, light and rapid scanner to read barcodes and QR codes.

The quality of the code reader chosen by Clappit allows a quick scan of the codes even in conditions of reduced brightness and, if a situation requires it, even directly from the monitor of any smartphone, provided of course you can view the code in full and in good quality.

This mobile solution is practical, safe, performing and also has a low cost, to allow any organizers to check the authenticity of the tickets sold.

Clappit access control, in addition to offering many features, even in real-time to control entry to the event, is fully integrated with Full Ticketing (tickets and product packages), the Pass System (pass management, badge) and Expo Exhibitor (stand and fair management, exhibitors).

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