Resale terms and conditions

Resale Terms and Conditions

1) BEMILS SRL, with registered office in Via Ferri n. 3 - 20092 Cinisello Balsamo (MI), VAT number / Fiscal Code 05589050961 is a company specialized in the sale of online and onsite tickets for entertainment, cultural and sporting events.

2) Bemils offers users registered on the site (hence also called "site") and the private labels connected to it, holders of an access ticket to a valid event, a resale service in favor of other registered users, via the Clappit website.

3) These general conditions govern the terms and conditions of the Resale Service. These general conditions can be modified at any time. Users are invited to consult the appropriate section on the Site before using the Resale Service.

4) For anything not specifically regulated here, please refer to the General Terms and Conditions.

Access to the service
1) The registered user who intends to use the Resale Service ("Seller") must log in with his/her credentials on the website The user who has purchased on a private label connected to the Site will be able to access the Site using the credentials chosen for registration on the private label. To access the resale service it is necessary to be registered on the Site.

2) To access the resale service click here. The system will ask you to enter some data present on the tickets: paper and fiscal seal.
The data can be found under the image on the ticket in pdf format: PAPER: A0xxxxxx (there is a zero after the A), and TAX SEAL, indicated with the wording SF: 16 alphanumeric characters.

Conditions of the resale service
1) The resale will be considered successful only if and when a New Buyer purchases the ticket subject to resale. In this case, the original order holder will be refunded the face price and the presale (service fees and any additional expenses, such as insurance, excluded), net of the cost of the Resale Service.

2) The cost of the Resale Service is €5.00 per ticket.

3) The timing of the resale is indicated by the organizer. In fact, due to organizational reasons, the resale end date set by the Seller can change due to the organizer's will.

Successful resale 
1) Resale is not guaranteed and will be successful only and only if the ticket is actually repurchased by another user.

2) In the event of a successful resale, an email will be sent to the Seller to inform him of the resale and the timing of the refund.

3) In case of successful resale, Bemils will cancel the sold ticket and issue a new one in favor of the new purchaser. The original ticket will therefore no longer be valid to access the event. Any attempt to enter with an invalid ticket will be prosecuted according to the law.

Unsuccessful resale
In the event that, within the expiry date of the resale term, the ticket is not purchased, the resale will be considered unsuccessful, and the ticket will still be considered valid for access to the event. It will still be possible to make a name change if you return within the timescales indicated by the organizer.

Timing and outcomes of the resale
Bemils will not be held responsible either for the outcome of the resale request or for the technical timing necessary to put the ticket on which the request was made for resale.

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