Resale ticket

For light music and entertainment events with over 5,000 spectators, the nominative ticket is in force according to the decree law of 27 June 2019 (Battelli law against "Secondary Ticketing"). However, it is possible to change the name after the purchase.

We remind you that each ticket must by law bear the name of the person who actually participates in the event. On the day of the event, at the entrance, in addition to the ticket, a valid identity document will also be required to verify access authorization, in the event of a mismatch you will not be able to access the event without any right to a refund.

The name change procedure is allowed according to the times and methods defined directly by the Organizer, which will be published in the event sheet.

To make the name change, you need to access the Clappit site with your user (or the user registered on a sales page connected to it) and open the order form, within the order it will be possible to select one or more tickets to change the name.

The name change operation involves a cost of € 5.00 (including VAT) for each ticket.

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