What are packages?

The modern spectator wants more, it has new needs: the ticket only partially satisfies his wishes.
He wants to live and share unique and special experiences with relatives and friends.

The public is willing to spend more money to experience quality moments, evocative experiences. Clappit Full Ticketing methodology and technology allows you to sell customizable packages online to enhance the ticket and enrich it with collateral products and services, to make cross-selling and up-selling strategies.

A simple and unique purchasing process for tickets, merchandising, transport, parking, food and beverage, donations, insurance, fun experience and any other element useful to make the show cured in every detail.

Some proposals appreciated by the public, which you can realize with Clappit are:

  • Ticket plus parking.
  • Ticket plus transportation (shuttle, train).
  • Ticket plus food & beverage.
  • Ticket plus merchandising.
  • Ticket plus special experience (meet & greet, dedicated areas, etc.).

The packages make the event complete, original, unique and loyal viewers.