Sell tickets from your site with the customized private label

We create your own private sales label with the graphics of the event website and manage all content, indexing and social media.

Any customer prefers to buy directly from the source.
The data are clear: users prefer to buy tickets, products, and services directly from the event or organizer official website.

The private label, integrated with the automated ticketing system, is one of the most popular ways of selling the tickets by organizers. It allows to increase the notoriety of the event, increase the database and build customer loyalty. The user has the perception of buying directly from the event website.
This implies a greater sense of trust, security and in general, a much more pleasant shopping experience.

We can create a private label that presents the look & feel of your website and your brand.
Depending on the complexity, a private label can be created in a period of time that varies between 2 and 5 working days: then you can immediately start selling the tickets.

  • Made with responsive mobile technology.
  • Totally customized.
  • Optimized by SEO.

The content has always been the undisputed king of the web.
With Clappit platform, you can easily manage any type of content regarding the event, in total autonomy.
Articles, descriptions, images, videos, shares, and comments. Who produces quality content, in line with the offer, gets huge benefits in terms of visibility and indexing.

Today, it is also important to know how to exploit the impact that social media can generate. This is why Clappit can integrate social features such as logins, shares, comments, and additions for YouTube videos, in every private label realized.

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