11 May 2022

On 18th and 19th June will return Spello's Infiorate! Buy parking online!

Spello Infiorate: buy online car, bus and motorcycle park

On 18th and 19th June 2022 Spello will blossom again, thanks to its famous Infiorate, a path of about 1.5 km characterized by the alternation of over sixty different infiorate!

The infiorate are floral compositions that are made in the streets of the historic city center on the occasion of Corpus Domini.
In Spello the infioratori give life to truly unique creations both for the size (the paintings range from 25 to 70 square meters and at least 15 square meters for the carpets) and for the artistic and technical quality. No artificial glues or dyes are used only plant elements.

Book your parking online to attend the Spello Infiorate!
There are parking spaces for cars, motorcycles, and buses.

For more information on safety regulations visit the dedicated page.