Sell tickets with serenity, according to the law.

  • Our ticket office is approved by the Revenue Agency and SIAE
  • Sell entertainment, show, and football tickets in accordance with SIAE
  • Support in the configuration of the event and in each phase of the sale
  • C1 and C2 tax reports
Sell tickets with serenity, according to the law.

The entertainment law, introduced in Italy in 2000, requires the organizers of entertainment events to use an automated ticketing system for the sale of entrance tickets and to comply with a series of tax obligations.

Clappit is based on the proprietary Belive automated ticketing system, approved by the Revenue Agency on 16 November 2011 with provision 2011/165257, and suitable for issuing SIAE-compliant admission tickets for show and entertainment activities. It is a totally Italian project, created and developed to speed up market entry and the activity of small, medium, and large event organizers. Especially for those involved in events and shows subject to SIAE regulations, and who want to take advantage of all the advantages of online ticket sales.

The platform is also certified for the Battelli Law (145 of 30 December 2018) which aims to combat the phenomenon of Secondary Ticketing, i.e. the resale through unofficial channels of tickets at a higher price.

  • Clappit allows you to print, at any time, the SIAE C1 and C2 models updated in real time.
  • It also automatically sends the mandatory daily and monthly tax summaries to the competent authorities.

To sell football tickets and season tickets in Italy a ticketing system needs another certification.
With our system you can sell:

  • Serie A, B, and international (type of event 05)
  • Series C and lower (genre event 06)

In addition to the SIAE certification, necessary for the sale of these categories, we are also integrated with the State Police for the verification of the impeding requirements, with and without a "tessera del tifoso".

The integration is already active: in fact, we have customers who already sell these types of tickets/passes with checks on the obstructive requirements (called VRO).
Of course, we can sell tickets for football also in countries different from Italy. 

Our ticketing system has also certified various devices such as access control readers and printers to print tickets and labels on-site.

Clappit offers organizers active support before, after, and during the event, for a correct configuration of the automated ticketing system, in compliance with current legislation. We offer support in the management of the legislation to allow organizers, especially those with less experience, to work with serenity away from sanctions.

  • Definition of the type of event and configuration of the settings.
  • Configuration of fixed shift and free shift subscriptions, if any.
  • Set up the price list of tickets, packages, products, services, and any discounts.
  • Design, customization, and configuration of maps with numbered sectors and places.
  • Management of the venue scheme, sectors, gates, price sectors, and tariffs.
  • Possibility of scheduled opening and closing of sales.
  • Management of cancellations.
  • Automatic cloning of events.
  • Support and training in the use of the platform and its features.
  • Contact us to manage your next event in peace with a secure and complete ticket office.