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Buy online tickets for the advanced astronomy course Universo in fiore, by INAF.
The course will take place online in live streaming on the Google platform (YouTube) accessible via password.
The credentials will be sent once the purchase is made.

The astrophysicists of INAF - Astronomical Observatory of Brera will guide you to discover the challenges of astronomy: from planets to galaxies, passing through black holes and neutron stars, the researchers will present their scientific research in simple and accessible language.

With this course - now in its tenth edition - the Observatory, today a modern research center of the National Institute of Astrophysics (INAF) - intends to give citizens back the knowledge and skills achieved in the astronomical field, celebrating the excellence of Italian astronomy, which has given and continues to give prestige to the country, in the sign of continuity with the famous astronomer Schiaparelli.

The advanced course is designed for those who already have a scientific/astronomical background or have followed the previous basic course in astronomy.
The differences between planets, stars, galaxies, and some basic notions on astronomical distances and dimensions will be given for notes.

The offer of the advanced Universo in Fiore course consists of 10 meetings lasting 1:30 h, from 18:30 to 20:00.
The course will also be available at times other than those of the live broadcast. There are 130 places available.

This is the detailed program of the course:

  • January 26th - Daniele Spiga - Minor bodies of the solar system: dwarf planets, asteroids, comets
  • February 2nd - Francesco Borsa - Super hot Jupiter planets: what's the weather like?
  • February 9th - Roberto Della Czech - Space: yesterday, today, and tomorrow
  • February 16th - Andrea Melandri - Waiting for other gravitational waves: a survival manual for the curious
  • February 23rd - Chiara Righi - Axions, neutrinos, dark matter… ingredients of exotic physics
  • March 2nd - Gabriele Ghisellini - The quantum revolution
  • March 9th - Anna Wolter - Per aspera at ASTRI: innovation in gamma-ray astronomy
  • March 16th - Ginevra Trinchieri - Galaxies as you would not expect them
  • March 23rd - Ivan Delvecchio - Hunting for supermassive black holes
  • March 30th - Stefano Sandrelli - And then we went out to see the stars again - Dante and astronomy

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