What is an event pass and what is it for?

The organizer of an event, in addition to ensuring the best possible experience with a reliable ticketing system, needs to worry about safety.
Spectators safety, service staff safety, artists safety, and it must have the greatest possible control over the whole venue or location where it takes place the event.

Here is where the need arises in the first instance to equip certain categories of people with a pass: safety, control, practicality.
We know well, of course, the appeal that this particular title infuses in the perception of the spectator, for this reason, the passes have then begun to spread and evolve as a true brand and communication tool, especially in business events, more and more spectacular.

Depending on the type of use, a pass requires a different connotation for the crew, guests, VIPs.
It can be realized to have only an entrance and exit control function, like a badge. 
Or it can use to check the entrance of every single area of a venue: ticket office, lounge, VIP tribune/VIP areas, restaurant, press room, strippers, etc.

An event pass can be really simple, with reduced graphics, no possibility of control.
But be careful, this kind of pass can be an unauthorized way to access an event, because an attacker could reproduce it and make it "turn" to more people.
These days it is good and recommended to have the maximum control before, during and after an event, unfortunately, seen the many tragedies that occurred in the past.

Basically a pass can have different sizes and qualities, usually it is a format A6, or a quarter of the classic A4 sheet. It can provide customized graphics and information, a QR code , data and photos of the bearer, type of pass and areas to which it has access.
It all depends on how it is done. There are still too many organizers who waste precious time or human resources to follow the creation of lists, assembly and delivery of the pass.

Clappit has developed an automated mobile and PC system, to realize and manage the creation of the sending of passages in a quick, safe and practical way. Whether it's a bagde, a VIP pass, an organizer pass in person with management of all areas and permits, Clappit has the integrated solution with certified access control.

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