Sell tickets and packages for complete experiences.

The modern organizer sells packages formed by a ticket and any good or service that makes the event unique and original.

The modern spectator has new needs: he wants to get excited, live and share unforgettable moments with friends and family.
Today, people taking part in an event look for complete and suggestive experiences, planned in advance, in the maximum comfort, and to achieve this goal they are willing to spend more.

With Clappit technology and methodology you can sell already complete packages, or offer the ticket with collateral products and services, and let the user compose his personalized package.

The sale of packages is an excellent solution, which builds loyalty and increases sales volumes.

  • Transportation. A highly appreciated service concerns transport: buses and shuttles to connect the venue to the most important areas of the city, such as car parks, railway or underground stations.
  • Parking spaces. Offer the possibility to park near the event so the customers can reach the event comfortably and independently. Ideal for large sports events or music festivals, but not only those kind of events.
  • Food & beverage. Ideal for trade shows, sports events, and concerts, customers can buy packages with a lunch or dinner menu combined with the ticket and skip the queue at the kiosk. An excellent solution for food events is to create packages that include entry plus a certain number of tastings to try out the specialties offered.
  • Hotel. For large events, where there is attendance from all over the country, you can sell rooms in different hotels together with the entrance ticket. All comfortably in one transaction.
  • Masterclasses. It is possible to sell, individually or in packages, Masterclasses: with a limited number of participant, or open to the public, paid or for free, held by experts and prominent personalities. An experience much appreciated by the participants, because it combines infotainment moments.
  • Merchandising. Even in limited edition. An excellent proposal for sports and musical events, merchandising is a great way to make the public participating and people to keep a material memory that lasts over time. Classic examples are t-shirts, bandanas, caps, tank tops, but also bracelets, cups, sunglasses, key rings and much more.

The sale of packages is also suitable for customizing business events, such as meetings, conventions or presentations.
Hotels, transport, and parking can be very popular services even by participants in these types of events.

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