Clappit is ANES's technological partner for the first edition of B2B Marketing Conference 2019

Customized registration and purchase page, massive sending of personalized communications, ticket @ home and access control for the B2B Marketing Conference 2019 event.

  • Massive invitation dispatch.
  • Customized registration form.
  • Massive print-at-home tickets with univocal QR code dispatch.
  • Mobile access control.
  • Real-time data monitors.

The event
, (Associazione Nazionale Editoria di Settore), chose Clappit as a technological partner for the realization of the biggest B2B event in the publishing sector: B2B Marketing Conference 2019.

The appointment with the main players of the market, took place on Wednesday 13 February 2019, at the Giò Ponti Auditorium in Milan.
It has as central themes: s
mart content, the contents as the primary engine to generate new leads, the lead generation, digital and social media to improve sales performance.
And yet the
creation of value with the data and marketing of the future, such as artificial intelligence and neuromarketing, will change future strategies.
Influential and specialized speakers in the b2b sector and thematic workshops.

The project
For B2B Marketing Conference 2019, Clappit has created a private label for the registration to the event.
ANES requested the possibility to register participants in two different ways.

  • Free. Anes sent to all the publishers an email with a registration code to purchase the tickets for free.
  • Paying. For anyone else interested in participating.

The most important registration form fields requested by ANES was: name, surname, role, company, mobile number, e-mail address and the name of the company from which the invitation was received.
The role was very important because it was printed on the pass and allows, during the event, to know who was the interlocutor with whom you were talking.
For ANES it was essential to know from which publishers a person has received the invitation, the field of the inviting subject can contain up to 3 names, but only one mandatory.

After the registration or purchase, the participant received a thank-you e-mail, explaining how to receive the admission ticket.
One month before the B2B Marketing Conference 2019, a reminder e-mail was sent to all the people registered for free: it was possible to confirm the registration or cancel the reservation by freeing the seat.

After a week an e-mail was sent with the entry pass, in print-at-home format.

Clappit, with the Full Ticketing methodology and technology, provides an SMS service, useful both to the organizer and to the participants.
When a participant enters the event, and his pass was read with the access control, he received an SMS with the complete program of the day.
If a publisher, manager or other relevant figure enter the event, as soon as his pass was read, a text message arrived directly to the organizers. 

Clappit also provides ANES with the tools to perform access control: smartphones, QR code, and barcodes readers.
With Clappit access control, during the access of the participants, it is possible to monitor live inputs directly from the smartphone that Clappit rent for pass reading.
After the B2B Marketing Conference 2019, detailed reports on inflows and accesses in PDF format will be available.


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