L'Erbolario: company open day and contest for SANA Fair

Clappit has created two important projects for L'Erbolario: registration and communications for the company's open day and participation in a competition during Fiera SANA 2018.

  • Massive import of mailing lists.
  • Generation of univocal QR codes.
  • Customized e-mail layout.
  • Access Control.

Clappit had the pleasure of collaborating with L'Erbolario for two events.
L'Erbolario is a historical beauty and wellness company, with 5,500 stores in Italy and more than 170 single-brand stores, 13 of which abroad, present in 42 countries all around the world.

L'Erbolario has chosen Clappit to create the reservation system for the great Open Day of his headquarter, which took place in the spring and autumn of 2018.
A free event, created to celebrate with the customers the 40th year of activity: a free and organized tour of the beautiful headquarters in Lodi, which "sold out" shortly.

For the open day, we created a private label mobile responsive with the look & feel of L'Erbolario website.
The private label had a calendar with different time slots: the customers chose the date and the preferred time, they registered themselves and made the reservation.
It was possible to book tickets for adults (with nominatives) or minors.

Then, customers received a confirmation e-mail, customized according to L'Erbolario needs, with an attached ticket in print-at-home format.
A few days before the event, Clappit staff exported the list of reservations and sent a reminder email to all the customers.
Customers could cancel the reservation by logging themselves on the private label, in order to free up any places that would not be used.
That was really important because the event was sold out and the tickets demand was quite high.

On the open day weekends, L'Erbolario staff checked the tickets with smartphones and barcode/QR code scanner, rented by Clappit.
With the access control kit and Clappit Access Control mobile app, organizers can get also a detailed report with data ordered by days or time slots.

After the event, we made another massive communication to all the users who actually participated, with a thank you message and an invitation to participate in a small survey.

The other project with L'Erbolario was on the occasion of the SANA Fair in 2018: a giveaway contest. 
Sana is the leading exhibition in Italy related to organic and natural products.

L'Erbolario provided us a mailing list of names, to whom send a personalized e-card.
The e-card contained all the information to take part in the competition during the SANA Fair, which gives away a bicycle signed by the company.

The customer receives the e-card along with the contest regulation by e-mail, in a printed-at-home format.
Then, during the SANA Fair, the visitors presented the tickets at the L'erbolario stand, and
 tickets were read with access control app.
Clappit has created univocal QR codes: so only one reading per code was valid, and a person could only take part in the giveaway once, even if it tries to access the stand several times with the same code.

Also, in this case, Clappit supplied the devices for access control, Samsung smartphones with the Clappit Access Control app installed and barcode and QR code readers, which allow reading from 600 to 800 codes per hour.

L'Erbolario has confirmed Clappit as a technical partner also of the giveaway for the SANA Fair in 2019.


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