COLFERTexpo YED, customzed web app to manage stands and visitors at the fair.

Clappit has created for Colfert a customized web app for the management of stands and exhibitors at the fair at the COLFERTexpo YED 2019 event.

  • Mass dispatch of different types of passes.
  • Gamification and rewarding activities.
  • Quick access control.
  • Registration of visitors with notes.
  • Helping users to delegate tasks.
  • Customization in functionality and graphics.
COLFERTexpo YED, customzed web app to manage stands and visitors at the fair.

COLFERTexpo YED is the biennial trade fair for door and window professionals organized by Colfert, a company with half a century of activity in the sectors of hardware and accessories for doors and windows, aluminum, wood, and PVC window frames. The event, born in 2003, has become a point of reference able to represent all the reference sectors on the national stage.

COLFERTexpo YED 2019 took place at Pordenone Fiere on 13th and 14th September 2019.

To better manage the great trade fair event, Colfert has chosen Clappit for customizing the Clappit Expo Exhibitor web app, dedicated to the management of stands and exhibitors. The web app has been customized both in terms of functionality and graphics, to best meet Colfert's needs.

Visitor registration process
Visitors register on the COLFERTexpo YED 2019 website and receive an e-mail confirming their registration, with a pass to access the fair in ticket @ home format to be printed at home. On the confirmation e-mail, there is the possibility to also select the day on which you plan to attend the fair. This data is not binding but it is a way to let Colfert know useful information to estimate the number of visitors.

Gamification & rewarding
A "travel document" like a passport is also given to certain types of visitors by e-mail, highlighting the 5 thematic routes that can be followed to visit the stands.
The gamification and rewarding activity consist of rewarding the most involved and active visitors with a prize, a soundbar in this case. Participants who visit a minimum of 15 exhibitors on 3 routes chosen among those proposed, and register the visit with the stamp in the passport, will receive the tribute at the exit of the fair.

Stand visitor management
One of the main functions of the web app is the management of the stands of the fair, such as the registration of visitors to the stand. Simply by reading the QR codes of the pass, then selecting the thematic path they are following, including notes if necessary, for example, to which products/services are interested.

Pass management
With the COLFERTexpo YED web app, it is possible to issue two types of passes: personal passes to access the fair and car pass. Registering a pass is very simple: just enter the data in the appropriate form and then send it by e-mail. The web app shows the total number of passes available per exhibitor, and the number of passes already issued and remaining. Apart from the creation of passes, their revocation is also possible.

The web app allows you to download detailed reports, such as the number of past visitors for each stand, or the data of each visitor (name, surname, notes entered, etc.).

Creation of helper utilities
A function created specifically for Colfert is the creation of one or more helper users. These users, supporting the exhibitor, equipped with access control kits can help in the visitor registration process and can also issue passes for employees. A very important function to try to limit the queues at the stand. The exhibitor, directly on the web app, records the helper who will subsequently receive the access credentials via e-mail.


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